About us

ABOUT US When Justina Blakeney first came up with the word 'jungalow' to describe her home  and wild design style, she never imagined it would blossom into a full on movement where people from all over the world would create jungalows of their own decorating with a lively mix of color, pattern and plants! Now, after nearly ten years of blogging, Justina and her team have grown The Jungalow blog into a shop featuring products from her Justina Blakeney Home collections as well as jungalicious finds from around the globe. 

Our hope is that The Jungalow shop is a place that will inspire your own creativity. We hope that the pieces that you discover here will give you that little spark you need to make your home a little bit more colorful, patternful and jungalicious--but most importantly...a little bit more you. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to #ThatJungalowLife! 
ABOUT JUSTINA BLAKENEY Justina Blakeney is a designer, artist and author of the New York Times best-selling book The New Bohemians. With a passion for color, pattern and plants, Justina and her blog, TheJungalow.com, have quickly become the go-to sources for bohemian design inspiration. For Justina, decorating is about feeling free, having fun and getting a little bit wild! As one of the leading design personalities on the web, Justina has over two million followers online and has been named a top designer to follow on Instagram by Harper’s Bazaar, NY Mag and Lonny Magazine. 
ABOUT OUR TEAM We are a small team of badass ladies located in Los Angeles. We are funky, fun, creative and are here to help! If you hit us up, you can expect to hear from Kristina. 
ABOUT THE JUNGALOW  BLOG Justina’s award-winning design blog, The Jungalow, shares daily inspirations, how-tos and ideas for how to live with color, pattern and plants. The Jungalow has been named one of the best design blogs on the web by Domino Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Marie Claire Magazine and Refinery29.
WHAT IS A JUNGALOW? "Jungalow" is a term coined by Justina to describe her own home which is wild like the jungle, but cozy and homey like a bungalow. Mix handmade items from cities all over the world with the sleek lines of modern design. Then sprinkle in a hint of the tropics and garnish with a whole lotta plants. What you get is our signature #JungalowStyle!